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Attention To Detail knows business and charitable events must be more than fun, they must be functional.

Attention To Detail’s responsibility is to provide an atmosphere in which you can conduct business while having fun with fabulous food, music and décor that will make your guests regret having to ever leave.

Today’s planners and fundraisers usually have their hands full with the intricacies and complexities of their jobs. Typically, you do not have time for the multitude of details involved in planning the event itself. Attention to Detail is committed to providing you with peace of mind and the utmost confidence knowing that the myriad of complex elements involved in an event are being handled thoroughly and efficiently.

Attention to Detail has a system in place that ensures your event will run smoothly:

Phase one - Exploration
Listen, learn, and understand your specific goals and objectives

Phase two – Creation
Design the experience

Create a palette of color, movement, theme and sensory experience

Manage crowd and traffic flow -- if not planned properly the design elements can lead to long lines for guests, poor sightlines for entertainment and safety risks

Phase three – Execution
Bring the concept to life

Phase four – Evaluation
Measure the impact of the event in light of the original goals and objectives